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It was the morning

And I found some glue

That was poisonin’

Everyone, n’ Me and you


In the pans

And in my dear pots

I put in my hands

Everyday, lots


CHORUS: And now

I wanted to say

Non non non non

To the evil of te flon te flon

But all my food got stuck (yuck yuck)

To the pan

And I felt like a shmuck (Muck much)

Of a Wo-man


When I cook with

That non-shtick

I try to forget

It can make me sick


I hold my breath

To avoid my death

I try my best

Not to scratch

The bottom

Of a pan.


Or a pot.

Release the poison

I should not.


Venom, teflon,

But who cares,



But at least,

My food doesn’t stick.

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