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The other day I was having a delicacy

Without realizing, truthfully, I was the enemy,


So I got thinking: 

Their little feet, their naive heart

My teeth will tear apart

Their wavy tail, their tasty liver

I’ll digest without crying a river.



It’s okay.

Don’t you go away.

I’m with you.

Like eating dead bodies

Eating dead bodies

Eating those bloodies

Chewing them calfies 


I love bone sucking

I am an ugly duckling

For eating in the form of death

So I wait for their last breath


I won’t even be brave enough

To hunt them myself, it’s rough.

I can’t kill a thing – at all,

But I’ll feed on the meat of an animal.


The methane

Is that poison

That got on my brain

Coming from all those animal farts

So I can eat all their tender parts.

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